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At some point, there is a moment when you know that it is time to seek treatment for your addiction. Whether you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol for years or have just begun to realize that your use is spiraling out of control, surrounding yourself with support is essential for success in recovery. As you explore the potential that overcoming addiction will have on your life, look into Elements Behavioral Health and our drug rehab center in Dallas, Texas.

Get Help With Detox

Shortly after quitting drugs and alcohol, your body goes through physical changes as it withdraws from the chemicals that it is used to receiving. While this is perfectly natural, it is important to have supervision during detox because a professional telling you about everything that you are experiencing is normal and will provide reassurance that helps you continue with the program. At our addiction treatment facility in Dallas, counseling and other forms of intensive support will be tailored to treat your withdrawal symptoms as you progress through the detox process.

Treat Coexisting Mental Disorders

Half of the people who enter the doors of an addiction treatment center have underlying mental health issues that have been masked by drugs or alcohol. In some instances, you may have even self-medicated issues such as depression and anxiety by using your preferred substance. Mental disorders are often worsened by addiction and become a vicious cycle of unsuccessfully using drugs or alcohol to make the symptoms go away. Treating these underlying conditions is essential for a successful recovery.

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Recover In a Safe Community

From the moment you enter the doors of our Dallas addiction recovery facility, you will feel safe. This is why our Dallas drug rehab center has established security protocols in place such as scheduled visitation with only approved family members and friends. Your confidentiality will be upheld, only the people you want to know will be aware that you are in our Dallas addiction recovery center. As you get to know the other clients in our facility, they will become an extended network and support group. If it is your first time seeking treatment, discovering that others understand what you are going through provides a sense of relief. As you progress through the program, you will be able to return the kindness you felt upon your arrival as you provide comfort to newcomers as well.

Opportunities to Fully Explore the Nature of Addiction

One of the reasons why our Dallas substance abuse treatment facility makes safety such a big priority is that honesty is critical for you to get the most out of your sessions. You have entered treatment to learn more about the factors that lead you to abuse drugs and alcohol, and it is only through acceptance of your issues that you can get them resolved. Therefore, you will need to learn to trust the other clients and counselors in the facility as you lean on them for support.

Enjoy Support Through Each Step of the Process

Addiction recovery does not occur overnight. Instead, you will go through a series of steps that begins with detox and continues through our aftercare program. Elements’ drug rehab facility in Dallas will tailor your treatment plan to fit the needs discovered in your initial consultation, and it will continue to be altered as your situation changes. For example, you may begin with intensive therapy and eventually progress to outpatient group sessions once you return home. Planning support for each stage of your recovery enhances your ability to stay off drugs and alcohol.

Today, you have decided to embark upon the biggest challenge of your life. Right now, you may be feeling a wide range of emotions regarding your decision to get sober, and it is normal to be cautious. Yet, choosing to start an addiction recovery program with professional and compassionate support is the best decision you can make for a healthier future. Call Elements Behavioral Health today to set up your life-changing consultation.